Donors Now Have More Giving Options

We want to make it easy for donors to give you money. That’s pretty much why CauseEDU was founded: the process to get donations to students was more difficult than it needed to be.  In an effort to simplify the giving process, we have just added a feature that we don’t see on other crowdfunding sites: recurring donations.  Students can now set up weekly, monthly, or annual donations as an option for donors. It’s still a good idea to have a one-time donation as a choice, of course. But if your donors want to give $25 or $50 per month (or more, or less), you can add those options as “levels.”
Our suggestion is to have at least two levels, no more than four. One should be for one-time donations, and between one and three levels for recurring gifts.  Check out our Start A Campaign page for details on how to get started.
Good luck!