Why We Verify Enrollment

At CauseEDU, we require enrollment verification for every student on our site.  It’s pretty painless: If you’re a current student, just sign up using your .edu email address or submit an official enrollment verification certificate from the National Student Clearinghouse (they’re free to request).  If you’re raising money for a school you plan to attend soon (i.e. if you’re a high school student raising money for college in the Fall), you can start crowdfunding but CauseEDU will hold your funds until you provide verification of acceptance into a program (in which case we’ll send the funds directly to the school) or proof of enrollment (once you’re actually in school – in that case, we’ll send the funds directly to you). Sending verification of acceptance and requesting the funds go to your school is helpful if you need to use the money for tuition deposits.
Why do we do this? In our years of fundraising for students, one of the main barriers donors had to giving was the fact that they needed verification that the students they were giving to were actually enrolled in school. We want this site to be a safe(r) space where that isn’t even a question, and donors can feel free to give without worrying where the money’s really going. This of course results in donors giving more, so it’s a win for the students, too.