About Us

28% of College Students Will Drop Out of School because of money

The reality is that financial challenges while in school are actually very common – whether life gets in the way (a parent/guardian loses their job, gets sick, or has some other life emergency), or students start college without a full understanding of the true cost of their college experience, many students will either drop out of college or struggle to complete not because they’re not smart or qualified, but because they run out of money.
CauseEDU can help. Whether it’s the CauseEDU financial education platform (with our online suite of programs), or CauseEDU Crowdfunding, we provide students and their families with the tools they need to succeed.

What Sets Us Apart?

With other crowdfunding platforms out there, what makes CauseEDU Crowdfunding unique?
Why are our students able to raise more than 4x what they raise on other platforms?

A Site Just For Students

Students aren’t fundraisers. At CauseEDU, we help you determine how much money you’ll need to fund your education and develop a crowdfunding strategy to raise it.

Assurances & Options For Donors

With mandatory enrollment verification (before a student can start fundraising) as well as multiple giving options, we give donors the assurances they need to make giving to students safe.

Financial Education

Our financial education platform helps students to find any remaining blind spots so that they can have a solid plan for the remainder of their college funding needs.


While this platform is relatively new, our commitment to helping students raise money for school is not. We have raised more than $100,000 for students through scholarships and crowdfunding. Since CauseEDU Crowdfunding has launched, our students (and donors) have had the following successes:

Largest campaign raise

Average campaign raise

Donor satisfaction